Marilou Coombe

Director | Supporting Families to Thrive
Contributor to 'Aspects Of Me', 2nd Edition

about Marilou Coombe

Marilou’s  mission is to create a safe and supportive environment for children of all ages.
Supporting  children, parents and educators utilising valuable mindset techniques.

To connect with Marilou and her business. the wbesite is Orchestrate Coaching & Consulting.


My professional and personal review of

‘Aspects of Me’, 2nd Edition:

“Referring to Rosa’s first affirmation book, ‘Aspects of me’ with my coaching clients who are children,
I saw such a shift in their physiology and language. It was a powerful tool to have them use positive
affirmations and embody the messages.
I will use the affirmations to remind myself and others that is it okay to make mistakes and grow from
the ones we do make. I want others to know how beneficial this book is as it serves as a reminder what
we can choose what we tell ourselves daily to help our mind expand.”

What does creative expression mean to me?

The ability to feel free in how we express ourself through images, movement or words.

How do I express myself creatively?

Via dance, painting and writing. Also, I find when I am with my children and we play, I am able to be more creative.

What words of encouragement would I share to another who may feel discouraged to express themselves?

There is only one of YOU!  Life is too short to live it in the shadows of others. Go ahead and express yourself any way you like, as the world needs your light. Nobody else can do you!

What is my life message or mantra?

Don’t talk about it, be about it!”