This is the place where there will be proposals to submit your expression of interest in upcoming anthologies or as a guest writer.

Rosa Carrafa Publishing is proud to be able to offer opportunities to have your life experiences written and read internationally.

Rosa Carrafa Publishing encourages those who have never written before to experience the joys of becoming a published author.

Rosa Carrafa Publishing welcomes established authors to submit and share their stories.

Why anthologies or a guest writer?

This is a primary way to receive support and celebrate your achievement in having your writing read.
You reach more readers.
You have the opportunity to experience being published with minimal investment.
You can make connections with others in the book and the community who may be first time writers and previously published authors.
You may receive an opportunity to be featured as a guest writer in a book that may require a specific submission in your area of expertise.

What is the genre?

The genre that Rosa Carrafa Publishing accepts is non-fiction with the element of creative expression.
Topics and audience will range from children, teens, and adults.

What topics are addressed?

Rosa Carrafa Publishing is known for addressing aspects of life mostly in the areas of birth, loss, death, and grief. The reason being is that persons who have experienced such areas, may at times have gone through life, such as relationships and career changes feeling doubted and unfulfilled.

We address various emotions and life occurrences, and this is where we celebrate the memory and the victories. Please keep a look out for the aspects of life topics that will be addressed in upcoming opportunities.

The publisher, Rosa Carrafa advocates in the community and how being suppressed in some areas of life, have been influenced as a result of personal trauma that may have been dormant or unresolved.

Affirming possibilities when one has felt hopeless in providing literature that may range from professional individuals and you. We recognize challenges that one has lived through while experiencing these areas of life. Your journey in what you experienced to get to where you are today matters.

Creative expression is widely respected as it gives you, the storyteller room to describe and share your story.

Why share about life aspects?

Aspects of life are considered here at Rosa Carrafa Publishing as each moment in life one experiences a birthing or commencement stage and then the changes that occur may bring a physical or spiritual death.

There is a need to share stories that are real in our society as this is how we grow, learn and gain wisdom and knowledge. Preparing a legacy for those generations to come is vital as you will be remembered for your authenticity and the ability of storytelling.

Rosa Carrafa Publishing is internationally recognized in balancing the holistic benefits that sharing life experiences has on individuals. All areas are addressed with openness and in turn, your writings are given the respect it deserves as you are sharing a part of who you are to the world.

Questions to ask yourself:

Have I experienced joy, tears, heartache, love, loss, changes, and death?
Have I felt angry, confused, alone, unheard, and unloved?
Have I wanted to give hope to others who have experienced what I have or similar?
Have I ever wished I knew then what I know now?
Have I ever wondered what it would feel like to have my story published?
Have I put off having my story shared and published because I did not want to do it alone?

Welcome, as you are finding the courage to tell your story and embark on a journey that is celebrated alongside others who will share your triumphs.

Information when presenting your writing when submitting to Rosa Carrafa Publishing:

Be confident that you are aware of the genre that we at Rosa Carrafa Publishing nurtures.

Our area of non-fiction or real-life experiences in aspects of life is the niche that we address.

Each submission will have a title and clear description of what the aim of the book is and the audience that it will attract.

Clearly read the document as each submission is unique. Take extra care to understand the details in the submissions and only when your writing is uploaded to the document and signed by yourself, will it be considered.

Note that all books will be able to be purchased internationally via various distributors.

Helpful guidelines towards a successful submission:

Note that ALL submissions are unique and may have alternative instructions.

Please contact us should you require your story to be transcribed for you, should you be unable to write it yourself or do not have assistance to do so. We do offer a service where we can alleviate any pressure from you and work alongside you.

Please ensure that your writing is edited as best to yours or another’s abilities. We do offer an editing service should you require one.

Please submit all manuscripts electronically – all hard copy submissions will be recycled.

Include a short up to 100-word biography with your submission. Include if this is your first time writing to be published or you have already been published.

A copy of the full manuscript – saved as a .doc or .docx file.

If an email submission is requested from Rosa Carrafa Publishing, then it is important to submit as follows:
Subject: Title of the book you are submitting writing for and the word ‘Submission’.

Suggested formatting that will assist Rosa Carrafa Publishing to read your submission:

Name, email and contact number.

Title of the book and the title of your story.

Double line spacing.

Page numbers.

12 point (size of words) simple fonts. Example: Calibri and Arial

Single quotation marks when quoting dialogue.

Paragraphs: indented or an extra line in between to be recognized.

Notification of your writing submission:

Only successful submissions will be notified.
Successful submission may require further details.


Rosa Carrafa Publishing has a podcast that compliments aspects of life in addressing areas that may be spoken less of in our lives.  ‘Hope Talk with Rosa’ is now heard on various radio podcast platforms and also seen on video across social media.

Keeping in line with birth , loss, death and the process of grief, this is open conversation in all of these areas and more. Everyone has a story of hope to share. The primary questions that is addressed in the podcast is:

‘What have you experienced in life that has challenged you? How did that part of your life lead you to live the life you do today?’

Video and radio podcasting is another platform to increase visibility and advocacy in your area of life experience.

To express your interest, please contact us directly with a brief statement of your story.