Judy Taylor: Let’s talk about loss, death and grief.

Oct 8, 2020 | Hope Talk

Hope Talk with Rosa welcomes Judy Taylor. Judy is a woman who openly shares her personal experiences with loss, death and the grieving process with her community. Judy is an advocate in how death affects people differently. Be inspired by her words of comfort and wisdom.

Please connect with Judy, her books and all she offers directly on the links below:

Raw, unedited aspects of life conversation. You will hear my voice squeal and even hit a low pitch. All guests share real life happenings. ‘Hope Talk with Rosa’ is about us. I aspire to inspire you. I also like to encourage others to inspire the community.

To keep the flow of uncomfortable conversations moving. I advocate for stories of birth, loss and the grieving process. They are not always welcomed topics of conversation. As a writer and publisher, I divulge in the creative expression of the spoken word and transform life experiences into literature.