Nicol Heard: one family’s excruciating story of courage, death and the gift of life.

Oct 6, 2020 | Hope Talk

‘Hope Talk with Rosa’ advocates for open conversation in the aspects of life that are not always spoken about. This episode is all that and more: One family’s excruciating story of courage, death and giving life to another.

Be inspired by the hope that is being shared by, Nicole Heard, a wife, mother, award winning businesswoman and an advocate for organ donation, to keep the memory of her son alive through Paddy’s Courage. Please gift yourself time to listen and watch as Nicol opens up about this vulnerable and personal part of her life.

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Raw, unedited aspects of life conversation. You will hear my voice squeal and even hit a low pitch.

All guests share real life happenings. ‘Hope Talk with Rosa’ is about us. I aspire to inspire you.

I also like to encourage others to inspire the community. To keep the flow of uncomfortable conversations moving. I advocate for stories of birth, loss and the grieving process.

They are not always welcomed topics of conversation. As a writer and publisher, I divulge in the creative expression of the spoken word and transform life experiences into literature. Please contact me with your life stories.