Natasha Milazzo Nelson

Creative Director | Performing Arts Company for Children
Contributor to 'Aspects Of Me', 2nd Edition

about Natasha Milazzo Nelson

Natasha works and teaches children to recognise how to express and move their energy through this time and space, using the discipline of dance.

Natasha’s business is Little Monsters Dance Club.
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My professional and personal review of

‘Aspects of Me’, 2nd Edition:

“ ‘Aspects of Me’, 2nd Edition gives you a pass to your inner child,

chance to whisper hope to the future.

After reading, you cannot move past thinking about your own value system.”


What does creative expression mean to me?

Creative Expression has always been my soul speaking through my spirit.


How do I express myself creatively?

I feel the vibrations and frequencies with my body, so I choose to creatively express myself using dance and movement. It is so special to have identified how I travel through this time and space.


What words of encouragement would I share to another who may feel discouraged to express themselves?

Expression is your language, speaking the vibrations and frequencies that pulsate through your existence. Your expression, a reflection of your spirit


What is my life message or mantra?

“Humanity is the biggest challenge a soul can face.
Give your soul a voice, let spirit be your guide.
Let’s hear what is has to say by your expression.”