Natasha Milazzo Nelson: Keeping memories of her grandfather alive.

Oct 8, 2020 | Hope Talk

Such a heartfelt and joyful conversation. Have you experienced saying ‘goodbye’ to someone close to you that you knew, you would not see again before they passed away? Do you talk about your passed loves to your family?

Hope Talk with Rosa , welcomes again Natasha as she openly shares memories of her Grandfather: How she felt when she saw him, knowing it was the last time it would be before he passed away, to how her son is the namesake of her grandfather.

From him migrating to Australia, culture, his generosity, personality and more. Everyone has a story to share and keeping memories alive is so therapeutic.

Raw, unedited aspects of life conversation. You will hear my voice squeal and even hit a low pitch. All guests share real life happenings. ‘Hope Talk with Rosa’ is about us. I aspire to inspire you. I also like to encourage others to inspire the community.

To keep the flow of uncomfortable conversations moving. I advocate for stories of birth, loss and the grieving process. They are not always welcomed topics of conversation. As a writer and publisher, I divulge in the creative expression of the spoken word and transform life experiences into literature.