Christina Richter: Honoring her father’s memory, from a WW2 child in East Germany to migrating to New Zealand.

Oct 8, 2020 | Hope Talk

Welcome to ‘Hope Talk’ with Rosa. Honoring a Father’s Memory: Listen to Christina Richter’s glorious story of how she honors her father’s memory and has put together a book ‘My Father’s Fhilosophies’ , with his wisdom to share with the world.

As a 12-year-old young boy and seeing white flakes from the sky. His reality was that living only an hour from a concentration camp, the horror was not far from him. He was a twin and their journey together is extraordinary. From migrating to New Zealand and a family he is remembered with fondness.

Christina is a nurse, astrologer, and author. Connect with her directly on the following link and be captivated with her passion for health and storytelling.
Christina Richter

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