Jeremy Samson

Asperger’s Trainer | Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner
contributor to 'aspects of me', 2nd edition

about jeremy samson

Jeremy works with all ages on the Autism Spectrum through natural structured exercises, activities, movement to develop improved management capacity in overall functioning.

His business is Time 2 Train Aspergers Program and the weblinks to his site are: |


My professional and personal review of

‘Aspects of Me’, 2nd Edition:

“Sharing meaningful statements of positive affirmations from my own personal experience was crucial to my health and wellbeing as an individual growing up with a diagnosis of Asperger’s.

The importance of implementing affirmations into our daily routine I believe is essential to sabotage unhealthy thoughts, feelings that can be unhealthy, harmful, and toxic.

The positive affirmations in Rosa’s books, both the original ‘Aspects of Me’ and the 2nd edition, are designed with the purpose and intent to support anyone on a journey towards wellbeing.

Practice and repetition of these affirmations consistently will motivate positive change to your life and overall experiences.”

What does creative expression mean to me?

Synchronicity in mind and body, free from fear, empowered by feelings, emotions and intent.


How do I express myself creatively?

My thinking is a deep finished design, igniting plans of united action, motivation in creation.


What words of encouragement would I share to another who may feel discouraged to express themselves?

Start with smallest form of expression, repeat and reinforce towards next stage of expression.


What is my life message or mantra?

Carl G Jung – “No tree it is said, can grow to heaven until its roots reach down to hell”