Courage to tell your story


Rosa Carrafa Publishing is known for addressing aspects of life mostly in the areas of birth, loss, death, and grief. Grief can include divorce, career change, redundancy and changes in family dynamics. The genre that Rosa Carrafa Publishing accepts is non-fiction with the element of creative expression. Topics and audience will range from children, teens, and adults. The publisher, Rosa Carrafa advocates in the community and how being suppressed in some areas of life, have been influenced as a result of personal trauma that may have been dormant or unresolved.

Creative expression is widely respected as it gives you, the storyteller room to describe and share your story. Your journey in what you experienced to get to where you are today matters.



Unedited, Raw and Real. No need to edit real conversation. Hope Talk is about us. The guests share real life happenings. This is our space to be real and share about what matters to us. Never give up on hope.

If you have a story of hope, please Contact Me.


Your words are true and written so beautifully.  You have an amazing talent to talk about the topics most people hesitate with. I too am someone that has had to live with grief, I chose to smile through the pain, and I agree that is not easy to talk about what has happened. I have become mature and expressing ones emotions can change day to day. Your attributes in encouraging these conversations are commendable. You are a one to admire and I thank you for sharing a part of your most intimate parts in what you have experienced.

D. Salanitri

The grieving process is timeless. Grief is a part of life and I believe talking about it helps us to grow. 

Judy Taylor

Grief Advocate , , ‘Grief, Healing, Love, Inspiration and Hope’, Author

Aspects of Me, gives you a pass to your inner child, a chance to whisper hope to the future. After reading you cannot move past thinking about your own value system.

Natasha Nelson

Director ‘Little Monsters Dance Club’ , Guest contributor of two affirmation in ‘Aspects of Me’ 2nd edition

Rosa, I could not be prouder of you. It is occasions such as these that remind me why I became a teacher. You have risen above the challenges of life and are helping others.

D. Ferrara

High School English teacher

Affirmations in this book remind people of the importance of helping positivity in our lives. It gives us a chance to reflect on all the good qualities we have as people. We too often hear the negative about ourselves and it is important to remind ourselves of how incredibly special and unique we all are and the important contributions we all make.

Shae Marie

Founder of ‘Dear Dyslexic’ Foundation, Guest contributor of two affirmations in ‘Aspects of Me’, 2nd edition.

Grief. Nothing can truly prepare for you what you feel when you experience different events, be it death or otherwise, immediately and years later.

I. McSweeny

Health and Happiness

A true role model for today’s women totally in awe and inspiring with a genuine heart and soul. A beautiful generous lady you are one in a million. Keep working , keep being you and doing all the wonderful things you do. You inspire me and many more who cross your path.

F. Zaffiro

Rosa’s encouragement and inspiration through her words and presence are like a bridge. A bridge that we can cross from not remembering to remembering that love, peace, joy, compassion, hope and so much more are natural states of being within each of us. Sometimes the busyness and challenges of our daily lives obscures what is inherent from our view. Rosa’s words and reminders guide us to see clearly and to never give up hope in order to cross that bridge and walk our unique path. The world needs us to be the best version of ourselves, not someone else.

Patricia Lovell